J. Ullom & Son

J. Ullom & Son is a local company that owns and operates three different home service franchises. They had an existing logo and brand from years past but hadn’t touched it in a long time.

They asked us to design a business card that houses all three franchises under the umbrella of the parent company. This card will be used by their service technicians to refer customers to the other two companies, depending on their needs.

Brand consistency is important, so when we were we so presented with two distinctively different logos, an outdated logo and a company who has actually never been branded at all, we knew we had our work cut out for us. But at Farmhouse, we aren’t afraid of a challenge!

The first franchise, Airserv, is a national HVAC company that had just gone through a national rebrand themselves. We were glad because their new logo is much more contemporary. The second company, plumbing franchise Mr. Rooter, has a very well-established, retro looking logo. And lastly, water purification company AquaGold didn’t have a logo at all! That actually worked in our favor, because we could design it to integrate with the other two. With that taken care of, we updated the fonts and colors of the J. Ullom & Son logo to integrate with all three franchise brands.

The card turned out exactly how they wanted them, and we’ll use the design for vehicle wraps and any other marketing pieces they may need in the future.

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