What Is AI and Is It Going to Replace Me at My Job?

You’ve heard a lot about AI, but you’re not sure how it works or what it means for you and your job. In this blog, we’ll explain what AI is and why it’s important to know about!


What is AI?

What is AI? Artificial intelligence (AI) is a subfield of computer science that aims to create machines capable of performing tasks normally requiring human intelligence.


Why is it important for me to know about AI?

So, what do you need to know? First of all, AI is a broad term that encompasses many different types of technology. It can include anything from chatbots that answer simple questions to advanced algorithms that can write news articles or even create original art and music.

The implications for your job depend on what type of work you do: If your job involves repetitive tasks like data entry or customer support calls, then there’s a good chance that an AI program will show up at your workplace (if it hasn’t already). But if your role requires critical thinking and creativity–like sales or strategy consulting–then it’s unlikely that an algorithm could ever replicate exactly what makes humans so valuable in these fields.

As for society at large: There are plenty of reasons why we should be concerned about how AI might change our lives over the next few decades (and beyond). One major concern is economic inequality: As more jobs become automated by machines instead of people, fewer people will have access to stable employment opportunities without going back into education after high school graduation; this could lead us down a path toward greater wealth disparity.


Is my job at risk from AI?

AI isn’t a job killer. It will replace some jobs and create new ones, but it won’t kill the need for people to work. AI will make some jobs more efficient, but not necessarily less important. In fact, many of us are already working alongside machines that help us do our jobs–whether it’s an accountant using Excel or a barista using a coffee machine with pre-programmed brews and temperature settings.

AI is changing the way we work and live by giving us more free time (and maybe even making us healthier). When you think about all of the things you could be doing instead of sitting at your desk for eight hours straight every day, like taking classes online or traveling somewhere exotic with your partner–or even just getting outside for some fresh air–it makes sense why so many people are excited about what artificial intelligence has in store for them!



AI is not going to replace us all. AI is an exciting technology that has the potential to change how we work, but it’s important to remember that it’s just one tool in your toolbox.

AI isn’t going to do everything for you–it’s up to you and your team members to ensure that AI works well within your organization and industry context, so don’t be afraid of it!