Design for the Medium

Effective marketing means effective use of different mediums. Each medium has its strengths, and each requires a specific approach.

Print vs. Digital

A good eye for form and function is a hallmark of successful design, but you’ll probably need to adjust your approach when designing for each.

Designing for print is static while designing for a digital space gives you more flexibility. With print, budget restrictions make it expensive to print off different versions (or correct mistakes). With web design, changes can be made, and different versions of a design can easily be tested.

Print appeals to the senses and provides a tactile experience, but digital has the benefit of providing levels of engagement that wouldn’t be feasible with a printed piece.

The way viewers interact with your design is dramatically different from the screen to print. For digital, you want to ensure that your design is easy to navigate, intuitive, and clear.

Less is More

As with all design, the adage is still true: less IS more. A clean, simple and engaging layout is what you want to achieve. All the bells and whistles might seem nice, but they can interfere with your message.

This is true of websites, too. Overly complicated sites with too many buttons to navigate can discourage viewers (and clients) from spending time on your site.

Keep it simple, easy-to-use and visually pleasing, and don’t overload your pages with too many words.

Call to Action

You want your marketing to get the customer to DO something (preferably buy your product, contact you, or take some sort of positive action). A call to action at the end of an email could be a link to a website or a specific offer. A call to action for a radio ad could be a phone number.

The important thing to remember is to make the call to action appropriate for the medium. You might not want to place a phone number on a billboard, but adding street names, landmarks, or directions is fine.

Dos and Don’ts

For Print:

  • Do make sure you convey your message clearly
  • Do emphasize brand identity
  • Do make it easy for prospects to contact you
  • Don’t make the graphics too complicated
  • Don’t make your message confusing or difficult to understand
  • Don’t use a single design to say many things to your audience

For Digital:

  • Do create a focal point for your viewer
  • Do use color combinations that enhance your content
  • Do make everything on your website page easily searchable
  • Don’t create a cluttered layout
  • Don’t use too many colors
  • Don’t forget to optimize your website for mobile

Farmhouse Creative can help you design for the medium and get the most from your marketing. DO contact us for all your marketing needs.