Email Marketing

Email is a way of life and this method of communication can be a powerful marketing tool. Here are some tips for building and growing your email marketing list.

Why Email?

First, let’s look at why a small business should choose an email marketing campaign.

Number one, it works. Ninety-one percent of people like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with. But it gets better: Email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping your business acquire new customers.

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits – Here are just a few ways email marketing can benefit your business.

Build Credibility – Customers like to do business with companies they can trust. Email gives you the ability to build your company’s credibility by sharing useful and informative material with your audience.

Generate Calls – Targeted emails with an enticing offer can motivate customers to call.

Improve Communication – Email allows quick communication with clients and customersand lets you respond to questions immediately.

Strengthen Relationships – Use email to communicate to the people who matter most to your business and keep them engaged.

Improve Sales – The bottom line is always the bottom line, so anything that improves sales is key to your business. Customers who opt in to receiving emails are more receptive to buying, and a coordinatedcampaign can translate into more sales.

Building Your List

Because email marketing is so important, you want to reach as many customers and potential customers as possible. This meansgrowing your list.

How should you go about doing this? First, let’s look at collecting email addresses.

In-Person – A small business can benefit from collecting emails in-person. This is especially true if you have a brick-and-mortar storefront.

Website – Your website is an excellent tool for collecting emails. Design your website to make it easy for customers to opt-in to promotions, emails, blogs, and other content.

Social Media – Don’t forget to use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to help promote your business and generate leads.

Growing Your List

Subscriber Opt-Ins – This method can be used in conjunction with social media to find new subscribers. You can also place a subscriber opt-in link on the landing page of your website. Another tactic is to send subscriber invitations to the email addresses you’ve collected from in-person visits.

Content – A big part of building and growing your mail list is providing interesting and relevant content to your readers. Refreshment is key to keeping customers engaged.

You can use both creative content and curated content. Creative content is original blog posts, newsletters, and social media posting. Curated Content is collecting content from various sources and sharing it with your audience.

Incentives – Offering incentives is an excellent way to attract new subscribers to your email list. These can be offered across a variety of platforms (social media, website promotions, etc.) and can also be used to engage your current customers.

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