8 Tips to Keep You Motivated

You work hard at your business, and, while it’s generally something you love doing, it’s easy to feel a little drained. Do you sometimes have trouble getting — and staying — motivated? Here are a few tips to help get back — and keep — your focus and drive.

Review (and Renew) Your Goals

People sometimes aim too high when setting goals. This can be overwhelming. Breaking down your goals into smaller, more doable chunks will help you achieve more. And the more you achieve, the more you’ll want to achieve. You can also look at your goals and see if they still fit. You might discover that your priorities have changed. There’s nothing wrong with tossing out what doesn’t work and establishing new goals.

Set a Strategy

This goes hand in hand with reviewing and setting goals. Use a marketing calendar to plan your strategy. This will help you focus on both the big picture and on individual tasks to keep your business going. It can also help you get excited about promoting and growing your business.

Connect with Customers

Customers are the lifeblood of a business. Take time to connect with them. Read customer reviews or reach out with a targeted email or other social media.

Start Your Day with Inspiration

Motivational quotes are a quick and easy way to boost your mood. Read one with that morning latte or cappuccino.

Unplug and Go for a Walk

Technology is essential for business, but it can become a distraction. If you’re feeling unfocused, get away from emails, texts, and social media and step outside. A quick walk can help clear your head and get you back on track.

Read Motivational Books

There’s no shortage of motivational titles. You’ll want to find books that both motivate and inspire. Motivation gets you up and running and inspiration helps you get where you want to go.

Get Coffee with Another Business Owner

Building relationships with other business owners can prove invaluable. You can share common struggles, concerns and get a fresh perspective. Grabbing a coffee with a fellow entrepreneur is an excellent (and fun) way to take a break and recharge.

Try Something New

Stuck in a rut doing the same old same old? Move out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Take a class, start a new hobby, volunteer in the community, or begin an exercise program. Improving your mood can also help improve your business.

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