Small Business Marketing Misconceptions

Fall is in the air, and Halloween is right around the corner (EEK!). Ghost, goblins,
witches and candy-crazed kids aren’t the only scary things lurking out there. Many small
business owners fall prey to something just as frightful: marketing misconceptions.

Misconception #1
If I Use Social Media to Market My Business, I Don’t Need a Website
Do you need a website if you’re on social media? The answer is absolutely yes. Social
media is a powerful marketing tool, and you definitely want to utilize it, but don’t neglect
you own website in the process. You want to drive customers to your website — and
your business — to help build brand awareness and make sales. The best strategy is to
have a strong social media presence and a good website. Your website is where you’re
in control of your marketing message.

Marketing Misconception #2
Social Media Takes up Too Much Time
As we mentioned above, social media is an important part of your marketing plan, but
providing new content on a continual basis — feeding the social media beast — can
sometimes seem daunting.
Your time and money are important resources, so you want to remember the old adage:
work smarter, not harder. First, decide which platforms are best for your needs.
Facebook is a natural choice and so is Twitter. Do you need to be on Instagram?
Pinterest? YouTube? Determine where your customers are the most active and stick
with those channels.
By focusing on the sites that provide the best engagement and return, you can
maximize your time and effort. And you don’t need to overwhelm your customers with
too much content. Regular posts are important, but you don’t need to post constantly,
just consistently.

Marketing Misconception #3
We Don’t Need to Market to Existing Customers, Just New Leads
New customers are great, but don’t neglect your current clients. Customer retention is
an important part of marketing. Here are a few tips:

  • Keep your customers thinking about you with print or email newsletters or
  • Make them feel special by hosting events exclusively for existing customers.
  • Celebrate their special days like birthdays and anniversaries by sending a card or
    an email.
  • You can also start a loyalty program.

Marketing Misconception #4
I Don’t Sell Online, So I Don’t Need Online Marketing
Online marketing isn’t just for online businesses. The world has gone digital, and it’s
important to utilize digital marketing for your business. In the old days, people would
browse through the Yellow Pages and find businesses and services. Today, people —
your potential customers — do their research online.
They have a problem to be solved, and they search the Internet using keyword terms.
Your goal is to be found by these people and as early in the process as possible. You
need to write content that uses keywords they’ll search for and content that helps them
solve their problem.

Marketing Misconception #4
Marketing Is Advertising
This is a very common misconception. When people think marketing, they often think
advertising. Marketing and advertising complement each other, but they’re not the
Advertising is presenting your business to consumers; marketing is about building a
lasting relationship between your business and your customers.

Luckily, Farmhouse Creative can help with both advertising and marketing. Feel free to
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