5 Ways to Heat Up Your Marketing this Summer

The temperature is rising, and it’s the perfect time to make your marketing sizzle.

Not sure where to start? Don’t sweat it. Here are 5 simple ways to turn up the heat:

Advertise on Facebook:
Posting engaging content on social media is a must for promoting your products or service to your customers. But great content isn’t enough; you need eyeballs on that content. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads on Facebook help you boost your posts without breaking your budget. Your ads can be a standard photo, video ad, or carousel ad (advertising different links with the same ad).

Regularly update your blog (or start one!)
Effective blogging is an important part of your digital marketing strategy. Your blog can drive traffic to your website or business, generate new leads, and give you a better understanding of your customer base. Effective blogging also means regular updates to engage your customers. Frequency is the key. The more you blog, the more engaged your customers will be. You can post weekly, bi-weekly — whatever works best for your brand or business — but make a schedule and stick to it. And if you don’t have a blog, you should. Need help? The Farmhouse can help you get a blog up and running or create custom content.

Use Google My Business
Want your business to stand out? Let your current customers and new customers know where you are. With Google My Business, your company shows up when customers search for your business or businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps. Once again, engagement is key, and you can post updates about what’s new, respond to reviews to build loyalty, and add photos to show what makes your business special.

Spruce up your website with a digital makeover
Has it been a while since you updated your website? Is it suffering from a case of the “same old same old?” Summer is a great time to update your page with new photos, new features and a new look. You want your website to look professional and visually appealing. The site should highlight your product and service and present a consistent, functional and attractive layout. As for content, look at what’s working and what’s not. Maybe it’s time to remove an underperforming feature. You’ll also want to keep all dates and events current and refresh your blog content. Now let’s talk mobile. People are spending more time on smartphones and less time on PCs and laptops. Is your website mobile-friendly? Ignoring the mobile market could be risky, so make sure you’re taking advantage of this design feature. The experts at Farmhouse are available to help your website shine.

Run a summer promotion
Everyone loves a good deal, so use a promotion or discount to help drive sales over the summer. Whatever your product or service, offering savings can give you a boost over the competition. You can use a discount or promo code linked to the season —SUMMER2018 or SUMMERSAVE — or maybe offer FREE delivery. Buy One Get One (BOGO) offers are always a hit. Whatever your promotion, make sure you get the word out on social media, print, and on your website. As with all types of marketing, engagement is key.

And while you’re working hard on your business, make sure to schedule some time for play. Don’t let the summer slip away!