Marketing Your Business: Reflections & Predictions

As we entered 2018, all of us at the Farmhouse took some time to reflect on 2017 and make some predictions for the coming year.


We not only physically moved our office to the Co:Lab at MadJax, we also expanded our staff by hiring a project manager. This allowed us to launch more websites this year than any other and grow relationships with new clients.

We navigated the rapid growth of social media advertising by helping our clients become and remain visible. Despite the technological advances, we saw print pieces such as annual reports, direct mail pieces and business cards remaining a staple for most businesses we serve.

On a more personal note, Angie served as the 2017 president of the board of directors of WIBU. She also won a prestigious Women of Influence Award and was nominated for the Athena Leadership Award. Matt had some major accomplishments as well. He hosted his first gallery opening at MadJax in the fall, both showcasing his photography skills and promoting the publishing of his book, My Photos/Your Words. This project earned him a nomination for the Mayor’s Arts Award.


Marketing has always been a shifting landscape and it seems that technology is leading the way when it comes to reaching consumers. That won’t change. Small business owners will continue to use social media to gain new customers in 2018, which will make social media advertising more competitive. We predict more targeted, personalized advertising as well. We already saw a lot of that in 2017’s news feed – that will ramp up in 2018.

We still see print as being a significant component of any advertising campaign in 2018. We spend so much time ingesting bits of information digitally that the diversion of an attractive print piece in our mailbox, or the personal interaction of exchanging business cards feels, well, personal.

It’s no secret that many small businesses report that their greatest challenge is finding the time to effectively market their business. We don’t see this changing in 2018, which is why you should call the Farmhouse. We’d love to help you with your marketing strategy, or simply enhance what is already in place.