Two Words, Big Impact

Marketing 101 says that people do business with people they trust and have a relationship with. You’ve worked hard on building strong relationships with your clients through good service and quality products. It’s just as important to work on keeping it strong. This can be achieved by two simple words: “thank you.”

Acquiring a new customer can be up to 10 times more expensive than keeping a current one, and established clients tend to spend more money with your business. They want to feel appreciated and valued. Saying “thank you” is a really easy (and inexpensive) way to ensure they’ll feel a connection to your business and keep coming back.

Don’t be lazy – a personal thank you will go much farther than a form email or Facebook post. If you’re sending an email, include their name and customize it specifically for them. A handwritten note is even better. In a world of electronic communication, it still feels great to get a card or letter. It doesn’t have to be wordy – a couple of sentences thanking them for their time or business goes a long way. Remember, the more personal the thanks, the more valued they will feel.

One of the most surprising ways to thank customers is to thank them for criticism. This isn’t easy. After all, no one likes to get a negative critique. But thanking customers for feedback, negative or positive, can also give you that second chance if your client sees that you are taking their criticism and suggestions to heart.

We all like to be thanked, and putting those two little words to work in your business can bring big benefits. And speaking of thanking clients, we’d like to thank you for reading and for doing business with the Farmhouse!