3 Reasons to Revisit Your Print Materials

There are two constants in a business owner’s life: print isn’t dead and change is inevitable. Notepads, postcards, and flyers will likely be part of most businesses’ marketing efforts for years to come. And since time changes everything, even your business, your marketing materials should change too. Are your print pieces guilty of any of these marketing mishaps?

Outdated. Maybe your branding has changed or updated. If this is the case, you definitely need new print materials to go with your new look. This will prevent confusion that might arise when your potential clients see an inconsistency between your print pieces and your web presence. Another possibility is that you’re stylistically behind the times. Maybe you’re still using the forest green and mauve business cards you had designed in the 80s. No one who wants to be taken seriously wants their brand to be associated with an old or outdated design. Also, look over images for old technology, like flip phones, pagers or fax machines.

Poor quality. Skimping on quality materials will lead to clients questioning the quality of your work. Print pieces that are made from poor quality materials will feel and look cheap and can easily sink your brand. Limp, tacky-feeling brochures and business cards can make a bad impression, even with a great design and branding elements.

No point. Do your print pieces have a definitive message or are they just images and random text plopped on paper? It’s important to decide, before you have 5,000 fliers printed, what their purpose is. Marketing to those who already know you will need different pieces than the ones you’ll give potential clients you’re introducing yourself to. Is there a distinct call to action, or are you simply introducing your services? Be sure you have the right pieces for the job.

Running a business isn’t easy, and neither is figuring out effective marketing strategies. You don’t have to do both. Call the Farmhouse today and let the experts help you evaluate your marketing materials.