Back to School Supply List for your Business

It’s already August and most schools will be in full session this month. Traditionally, many industries experience a serious lull in business during the summer months. People are on vacation, busy with family and outdoor activities, but data suggests that August is when shopping picks back up. And boy, does it! Back to school season is the second largest seasonal shopping period of the year. So while you’re focusing on your kids’ school supply lists, make sure that your business also has the tools it needs to navigate the busy season ahead.

Your Website

Most people, including you, are active during the summer months. Vacations, kids’ sports events, and barbecues tend to take precedence over thinking about your website. It’s important, however, to take a few minutes to be sure everything’s current. Have you gained or lost staff over the summer? Typically, people tend to relocate in the summer months so that their kids can start fresh at their new school. Update your staff listings accordingly. Don’t forget to update that Fourth of July Blowout Sale you’re featuring as your website’s masthead with a Labor Day or Back to School Sale. You can also consider adding recent case studies, client testimonials and industry best practices.

Promotional Products

Ah yes, you absolutely loved the knock off fidget spinners with your logo on them. Unfortunately, jumping on that trend backfired a little when they were banned from classrooms nationwide. Many schools are treating them as seriously as cell phones and confiscating them. Isn’t it great that every teacher and administrator can see your logo each and every time little Billy gets caught with your promotional product? Consider pencils and rulers. Useful, and if you’re old enough, you can build an old-school fidget spinner. You know what I mean, class of ’87.

Print Materials

Check your fliers, print ads and direct mail pieces to make sure they’re both brand consistent and don’t have a seasonal theme. For example, if you’re a heating and cooling specialist and you’re planning a direct mail campaign to remind your clients to schedule preventative service, make sure you don’t send the card you sent in April – you know, the one with the family melting in their living room because the air conditioner went kaput. Also, check all your print material for current contact and social media information. You might also want to make sure your stock of business cards for you and your employees isn’t running low.

So, there you have it. Giving these few things a little bit of post-summer attention could mean the difference between sailing and flailing through the busy season. And remember, you can always let the Farmhouse help you. It’s what we do!