Gear Up for Your Next Promotional Event

Have you ever had a booth at an event and afterward weren’t quite sure why you came in the first place?

Yeah, it’s happened to all of us.

You paid to be there, spent the time, but didn’t see much return on your investment, if any. You told yourself that you at least got some exposure.

That’s great, but wouldn’t some measurable results be nice, too?


#1 – Number of pamphlets distributed.

Good design attracts the eye and the hand. So does clear signage inviting people to take one (or more).

Consider enticing them with some branded goodie inside, like a coupon or piece of candy. A sign that says FREE CANDY will draw in the kid in all of us.

#2 – Number of individuals you talked with.

Body language is half the battle when encouraging people to talk to you (stand up, don’t cross your arms and smile!), but the rest is boldly wearing your brand.

Nametags, shirts and hats are billboards that shout “Talk to me!” Give out attractive business cards to match and they will feel compelled to over you theirs. At least get a name. You can always use LinkedIn to find people later.

#3 – Number of phone numbers and email addresses you captured.

You can’t talk to people who come to your booth while you’re engaging with others. Give people something fun to do while you’re occupied, like a drawing.

Provide branded slips that display your logo on the section the prospect tears off. They will be contact forms for you, friendly reminders to keep in touch for them.

These metrics help you judge the usefulness of being at the event, but they don’t tell the whole story.


There is no way to know:

  • How little your prospects will take you seriously based on how unattractive and unprofessional your banners, cards and pamphlets look.
  • How many prospects passed your booth by because of your uninviting signage, or didn’t recognize you as an authority because of non-branded
  • How many prospects chose not to give you their contact info because your lackluster display didn’t entice them to provide it.


Call on the Farmhouse to:

PROMOTE your presence at events in advance digitally and in print,

PREPARE the promotional products you need to capture every eye and as many leads as possible, and

PRODUCE email and print follow-up campaigns to convert those prospects into customers.

We’re ready for your next event. Are you?