5 Easy Ways to Ride Two Marketing Vehicles at Once, Indiana Jones Style

One mode of transportation was never good enough for Indiana Jones.

Planes, trains, automobiles … plus horses, boats, submarines and blimps are on the long list of all vehicles Dr. Jones used to travel the globe in search of adventure. He often had to literally leap from one to the next just to keep up with his competition racing him to whatever treasure lay ahead.

Yep, you guessed it: you’re Indiana Jones. The treasure is achieving your business goals, and it often takes knowing how to drive a couple of marketing vehicles at once to get the job done.

Don’t worry. We’ll get you through this without losing your hat.

  1. You already have the catchy one-liners.

Whichever marketing tool you’re rocking, you’ve seen success because you know how to grab your audience’s attention with a killer headline. Sales, promotions, events … whatever you’re putting into one medium, you can just copy over to the other. It’s okay, really!

  1. You’re already pulling out your big guns: the best content.

What do your customers care most about? Are you successful because you do a high volume business at low cost, or because you do a low volume of products at a high degree of quality? Whatever is bringing them to you needs to be your lead in both your emails and direct mail pieces.

  1. You’re already rallying the troops with your call to action.

Maybe it’s: “We miss you. Come back this month for a special offer!” Or: “Hurry in. This sale ends FRIDAY.” Whatever your hook in an email blast, you can use the same thing for your mailers. Are you seeing a trend here? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Consistency across media is better anyway.

  1. You already have a kick-A design.

Worried that you need to come up with branding elements like color, logo, font, etc. for your new cross-media campaign? If you have already established your brand (and if it doesn’t need a refresh … that’s another conversation), stick to your guns! All you need is a little help translating your brand into the new medium. A good brand doesn’t need to be overhauled to cross from digital to print or vice versa.

  1. You already know you’ve got to keep your trusty sidekicks close.

Don’t assume you’ve “secured” an audience with a single medium, and that by expanding to another you can reel in a different set of customers. Oh no. That fickle audience will easily forget about you as they are bombarded by competitive marketing. Go for depth in your existing audience before breadth. The more media you target to the same group, the more “secure” that group of customers will be.

Yes, this takes some time, but it isn’t as daunting as you think. Not with a little help from the Farmhouse! Give us a call. Just tell us about your existing marketing tools.

You’ll be whipping the competition in no time.