Welcome to The Worst Website in the World, Inc.

Here at The Worst Website in the World, we pride ourselves on being leaders in creating a truly awful user experience. Unlike some of our competitors who rely on mere ugliness in the design and errors in spelling and grammar to create an obviously terrible effect, our approach is more subtle.

We believe the most awful experience is one that the user doesn’t see coming. That’s why we pair beautiful Web design with shoddy development and zero maintenance.

Intrigued? Let’s have a closer look at three of TWWITW’s most innovative features!

Changeless Home
At TWWITW, we understand that user-friendly websites are dynamic and provide new content as your business grows. That’s why we rolled out Changeless Home. With Changeless Home you can be sure that the welcome mat you roll out to your visitors on Day One is the same experience they’ll get every time for years to come. Now with Changeless About, we offer the same service for your About page. Your status as a new business, at its original location with its original staff will be enshrined forever, no matter what.

LinkBreak Premium
Visitors to your site will never suffer from laziness with LinkBreak, our innovative linkage discouragement tool. By formalizing the process of breaking hyperlinks within prompt, designated timeframes we ensure users will never try to attempt getting information from other sites by linking out of yours ever again. Now with LinkBreak Premium, next-gen 404 error pages disallow users from using the back button on their browsers, ensuring they will never want to come back to your awful website.

Creating an infuriating experience for users requires a unique blend of tools encouraging connection with human beings and customized back-end failures at each access point. Visitors know they contacted you, but you won’t … thanks to KnowContact. A basic KnowContact package includes a contact form that provides an automatic email delivery failure alert after 21 business days. Optional features include KnowContact Phone, providing the number of your most recent former employee, and KnowContact Social, directing users to a Facebook page with your former business name.

It’s time to take the first step into the development of your Worst Website in the World! Find us in your local phone book today.

Alternatively, if you are interested in having a fully-functional website, we recommend our sister company Farmhouse Creative for design and maintenance. You know, if that’s your thing.