What Kind of Business Card Should I Get?

Describe the perfect business card.

Having trouble? So would we … because there’s no such thing! Everyone has different needs and there is an infinite variety of small print products, some of which aren’t traditional “cards” at all.

Paper …

Economy paper might be okay if you sell a very common, low-cost product. Premium stock is necessary if you have a longer sales pipeline and want your prospects to hold onto your card for a while. Insurance agents, for example, need some durability.

You can achieve this both through the quality of the paper and through the thickness of the card. 14-pt is considered standard; 24-pt and even 48-pt cards tend to make more of an impression. Double the thickness a few more times and you’ve also got a convenient doorstop (just kidding).

Another consideration is the feel and look of the paper. Generally this refers to glossy (smooth, reflective) vs. matte (fine cardboard feel). A slightly reflective surface might be indicative of appliances or vehicles; a matte surface might be ideal for office supplies (like paper, maybe?).

… or Plastic?

Plastic offers a whole new range of possibilities. There is one color a paper card can never be: clear. Consider the impact of your brand presented with nothing but your customer’s environment as the background.

If you sell a product associated with special events and parties, you might consider a hologram design. There may be no better way to make your brand memorable than by entering the third dimension. Of course, if you specialize in strictly white-tie affairs, a more traditional approach might be best.

By the way, what else comes to mind when you think of plastic cards? Financial institutions. Don’t underestimate the power of association. Plastic = money. Financial advisors and commercial bankers should strongly consider having at least a few of these in their sales arsenal.


Do you offer emergency services? Refrigerator magnets may be the best investment as you’re launching your business.

Do you run an e-store and do most of your business long-distance? Perhaps you need to focus your offline strategy on postcards.

Is your business a nonprofit that seeks to promote a cause? Bumper and window stickers are a great way to get the word out.

What Else?

We’ve just scratched the surface of all the options out there for your business cards, “un-cards” or whatever small print product will best drive business your way. The good news is you don’t have to know what all those options are. That’s what we’re here for.

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