What is Branding and Why Should I Care?

Busy business people often treat print and digital marketing services as commodities. The thinking is, “Hey, we need a new logo (or website, etc.). Who will make it for us well at the lowest price?”

There is nothing wrong with this thinking. As a small business owner, you have to look at the bottom line. You want to make conservative investments to reach standards that keep you competitive.

But that’s a short-term goal. What is your ultimate goal? To reach the minimum standard or exceed it?

A logo is to branding as a hammer is to building a house: a tool that serves a larger goal than just having it. There is more to do if you want to be a leader in your field.

Level 1: What I Do (Products/Services)

Let’s say you’re a massage therapist. You are branding yourself every time you communicate that you give people massages, use certain types of oils, etc.

Level 1 = GOOD. At the very least, people know they can get a massage from you.

Level 2: How I Do It (Personality)

Do you see yourself as more of a healthcare provider, or recreation provider? Do you speak seriously about your profession or do you have a sense of humor about it?

Level 2 = BETTER. Your unique personality helps you stand out from your competition.

Level 3: Why I Do It (Values/Beliefs)

What is your personal mission? What do you believe about the world that made you decide to practice massage? What do you hope to accomplish?

Level 3 = BEST. Practicing branding at this level is rare. It’s hard to articulate, but when you start with “why,” you create deep positive connections with a niche that sees the world the way you do.

You have to start somewhere. We do branding at all three levels here at the Farmhouse, using a variety of print and digital tools … but consider this an open invitation to go deeper.

We believe you have a passion the world needs. When you’re ready, we want to help you unleash it.