New Year, New Social Media Trends: 2016

We have recently posted articles about what was new in social media or just working well for businesses in 2015. Now, on to the future! Here are a few of the social media trends we see on the rise in 2016.

  1. Slideshare. Kind of like a cross between YouTube and PowerPoint, Slideshare is a tool that lives on LinkedIn. The format is very similar to YouTube. The main differences are that you’re looking at solely professional content, and there is a mix of videos and slides (hence, the name). This is a great way to share knowledge as a business leader. Look for this to become a digital marketing standard for B-to-B in 2016.
  2. More e-Commerce. If you are a B-to-C business selling products online, your customers will be buying products in new ways 2016. New social platforms for online shopping will increase in popularity, such as Wanelo (“wah-nee-loh”, short for “want, need, love”), which allows consumers to search for, follow and recommend their favorite stores. You will want to be one of those stores as this site grows … but don’t forget about platforms most people are already using. The “buy” button so common to eBay will be everywhere in 2016, especially on Facebook.
  3. More to do on Facebook. The biggest of the social media giants wants its users to stay put. Increasingly, the links users follow from Facebook feeds don’t take them far; the content will be imported to a Facebook page so users will continue to see their ads, not Google’s. Watch for Facebook advertising to be even more effective in 2016 as a result.

That’s only three, of course. There’s a lot more going on in social media. Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask.

Happy New Year, everybody!