You’re Not Alone, Small Business Owner

Remember junior high? Sorry to bring it up … just think for a second about what it was like to be in class with kids you didn’t know, or to set foot in the cafeteria for the first time. Remember the questions you asked yourself? They basically came down to one thing.

“Am I normal?”

You wanted to know how you measured up. Maybe that feeling crept up again in high school, in college or your first job. If you didn’t feel it at least a little bit when you started your business, you’re probably a robot. (If so, no need to keep reading.)

As a small business owner, you naturally wonder if what you’re doing stacks up against your commercial neighbors, your competition and especially the expectations of your customers. And you wonder if that feeling is normal, or if it means you don’t have what it takes.

Well, according to Forbes, the #1 greatest self-reported challenge small businesses face is finding and keeping customers.

Feeling normal yet?

Given that this is such a common fear, it’s no wonder marketing consultants are so popular. Some of the services they offer include:

  • coming up with new ways to bring in customers,
  • assessing risk and return on investment potential,
  • critiquing existing strategies,
  • providing training,
  • managing a brand and
  • managing social media accounts.

This is a person or team you can trust (or should be able to trust) to act as an extension of your business, your mission, your character. Their success is your success.

Every marketing company has a unique focus. Ours is simple: we love to see small businesses and nonprofits succeed. We offer all of the above services to help accomplish that mission.

As small business owners ourselves, trust us. You’re normal.