Professional Photography a MUST for Nonprofit Events

This post may appear to be about do-it-yourself photography, but it’s not. This is about do-it-yourself-only-if-you-absolutely-must-but-you-really-shouldn’t photography for your next nonprofit event.

There is so much you need to think about when shooting an event. Here are just seven examples, though there are dozens more.

  1. Camera quality. You need to be able to take high-resolution pictures in any lighting.
  2. Strategic planning. Determine how you plan to use the photos. What do you want these images to say about your organization?
  3. Branding. Take shots of event signage. Make sure to include nearby attendees in the frame to visually demonstrate support for your brand.
  4. Angles. Position yourself where you can capture event features (silent auction, keynote speaker, etc.) without a lot of boring stuff (like the backs of people’s heads) in the foreground.
  5. Etiquette. You ought not photograph the people too much, shoot while people are eating, ask attendees to pose too often, or generally annoy people who are there to enjoy themselves.
  6. Variety. Don’t commit the sin of only having one kind of shot. Get headshots, group shots, action shots, posed, candid, etc.
  7. Editing. You simply can’t just throw your pictures up onto your website. Someone’s got to go through those images and crop, clean up and decide what to discard.

The most important reason to hire a photographer is that you want someone who is present, but not engaged. You and all your people need to focus on why you’re there: to build and maintain relationships.

We wish you luck at your next event. If you’re trying to photograph it yourself, you’re going to need it!

At least find out whether you can afford a professional. Contact us for a referral anytime.