10 Ways for Nonprofits to Win with Print

Nonprofit managers sometimes believe that the good they do speaks loudly enough to build community support and stimulate fundraising. Unfortunately, it doesn’t often work that way.

Perception of vitality is what drives support. Donors need to feel that the organization they support is serious about what they do. The degree of print quality in nonprofit communications is what makes the difference between the perception of a stable, professional organization and a scrappy do-gooder likely to mismanage funds.

Nonprofits, put your best face forward. Here are 10 items you should be using a professional printing service to create:

  1. Postcards – Don’t send anything a prospective donor would hesitate to toss.
  2. Business Cards – In addition to contact information, these should include a call to action and instructions for how to contribute.
  3. Letterhead – This must be bright, bold and consistent across all business communications.
  4. Presentation Folders – Never give anyone important information in a blank manila folder or fastened together with a paper clip.
  5. Event Tickets – A promotional piece and collector’s item.
  6. Personalized Badges – Keep track of personnel while creating repeated impressions of your brand.
  7. Brochures – Professionally done, these will be pleasurable to look at and laid out in a way that maximizes information retention.
  8. Promotional Products – Give them branded items they’ll use often so they’ll never forget you – pens, smartphone cases, apparel, etc.
  9. Catalogs – A beautiful layout of any products you sell builds excitement among your base of supporters.
  10. Calendars – Brand them and drive attendance to your events by providing the dates a year in advance.

Before you can impact the lives of your service consumers tomorrow, you’ve got to impact the minds of community supporters today. It’s never too late to start doing it right.