Get Them to Do What You Want Them to Do With Landing Pages

Don’t forget why you have a website. You had some kind of goal in mind when you decided to have a site: sales, fundraising, stimulating political or community action, etc. You want people to do something, so get serious about getting them to do it!

Step 1: Create a Landing Page

Everybody has a homepage, but not everybody has a true landing page.

Homepage = the point of arrival for your site’s visitors. This is where they will find the name of your business or organization and a brief introduction to what you’re all about.

Landing page = a page designed around a call to action that includes an offer and a form for visitors to enter their contact information.

You might have a form on your homepage and you think you’ve got this covered. But extra information distracts visitors from what you want them to do. A landing page has just two clear options: enter your information or move on.

Step 2: Don’t be Dull

How many times have you encountered a landing page that told you to “sign up”, “subscribe” or “join”? These are action words we’ve seen so many times that they’re easy to ignore.

To grab eyeballs, get creative. Do you teach karate lessons? Tell your visitors, “Enter your email to see a demonstration of what you’ll be able to do in just eight weeks!” Or, “For every email address we collect below, we will donate four meals to your local food pantry.”

Follow these two steps and start making your website work for you!

P.S. Website builder applications (i.e. WordPress) have tools available to help you create your landing page. Of course, if you’d prefer not to do it yourself we’re always here to help!