Facebook is a Party, so Be Cool: 3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts

facebookadsFacebook advertising is great, because all you have to do is create a business page and start posting, right?

Maybe it used to be that way, but not anymore. Updates to Facebook have now made it virtually impossible for businesses to reach an audience without buying exposure.

Still, the huge popularity of the medium means it’s a party where you need to be. Just remember to play it cool when you show up. Here’s how:

DO boost your posts. Choose your budget and spend to be seen. Otherwise, you’re stuck in a dark corner where only 2% or less of your friends at the party even know you’re there.

DO ask friends to share your posts. Every business needs advocates to extend their reach. It’s easier to meet new people when you’re introduced by a mutual friend.

DO create (and boost) events. A grand opening, a sale, a trivia game – just about anything can be an event. Don’t just be present. Be the life of the party!

DON’T overlook demographics. It only takes a few moments to limit exposure by area, gender, interests, etc. Don’t waste your time telling those fishing stories to the folks who couldn’t care less.

DON’T abuse groups. Facebook groups are digital clubs. Nobody likes an intruder with their own agenda. Only join groups if it’s a really natural fit for your brand.

DON’T do a Likes campaign. So few people are seeing your post without a boost, it’s hardly worth it. You’d have to invite the whole town to your shindig to even fill up the couch.

It’s just like your mom always told you. Relax, be yourself … and bring a little spending money with you.

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