“It’s Like Christmas All Over Again!”

Back in January of 2013, Farmhouse Creative worked with a great local business called B & C Services.  They are in the heavy truck repair business.  You may be wondering what exactly that is (I know I sure was!).  They repair, service, and maintain Heavy Equipment – think Semi Trucks, Haulers, Tractors, etc.

The company has been in Muncie for over 25 years and has enjoyed success in the past without having to concentrate on Marketing.  However, when the economic downturn hit,  they began to suffer as well.

Owner, Darrell Crabtree, realized he needed a little help with branding and asked Farmhouse for help.  Their past marketing efforts had been to together some flyers on their own but weren’t really doing a whole lot with them.  That’s where Farmhouse Creative came into play.

Their story is like many we hear at Farmhouse Creative.  “My logo was created decades ago and now no one knows where the files are!” If I had a nickle for every time I heard that…  we’ll, I’d have a few nickles!  No problem.  We can re-draw the logo.  We were able to take their old logo and just polish it up a little bit.  Nothing too major… just smooth out some lines and give it a more modern feel.

After we updated the logo, they asked us to work on a flyer for them.  We were able to produce a full-color flyer that really shows off what B&C Services is all about and presents their offerings in a concise manner.  Upon delivering the new logo and flyers, the client was so pleased!  One of the employees said “It’s like it’s Christmas all over again!” and gave Angie a big hug!  Know, if you know Angie, you know she’s not a big hugger.  But if a client is happy and wants to give a hug, she’ll take it!

B&C Services loves their new look and is looking forward to stepping up their marketing efforts.  Farmhouse Creative plans to be there with them every step of the way – hugs included!