A New Tradeshow Display for Colonial Crest Apartments

Farmhouse Creative recently had the opportunity to work with the manager of a local apartment complex.  Colonial Crest Apartments has been long-established as a  choice residential location for Ball State Faculty, Graduate Students, as well as a wide cross-section of Muncie.

Tucked away off of Morison Road.  Colonial Crest may not be the first complex that springs to mind.  Manager, Mike Desloover, needed help changing that.  After meeting at a local networking group, Mike asked Angie if she thought Farmhouse Creative could help him with  his display.  Mike showed Angie his simple trade show display.  Angie agreed that it could use some updating and thought this was a perfect fit for Farmhouse Creative.  That’s where Mike threw us a curve ball!

First, was the time frame.  Mike had a show he was attending in less than 5 days.  He needed the display updated and ready to roll out by then.  In a perfect world, we would have a bit more time than that.  However, Farmhouse Creative realizes we don’t live in a perfect world and sometimes we just have to knuckle down and get things done.  That’s what we did here.  5 days (including the weekend) and we made it happen!

Perhaps the bigger challenge was that the facility had nice photos taken and mounted to their current display.  These were taken several years ago and who knows where the original files were.  We’d have to figure out a process where we could use those existing photos.  Again, not the most ideal situation; but. we can roll with it.

Angie went to a local sign vendor and went to work on a solution for the client.  We were able to remove the photos from the existing board, trim them all down to the same size, mount them to foam board.  We also took the client’s logo and die cut it into the shape of a “roof” of a house.  Those pieces were then mounted to black foam board with velcro.

When presenting at trade shows, Colonial Crest, now has a much more polished look to present to their potential tenets.  The client is considering shooting new photos in the spring.  Since we mounted their current photos with velcro, the client has a piece that can grow with them as their marketing initiatives change.

As  you can see from the photo, these turned out very nice.  We started the project on Thursday morning and delivered Tuesday of the next week!  It was completed in record time and on budget.

Can Farmhouse Creative help you?  Sometimes, it with helping you present your message in a more polished way.  If you need help in this arena, feel free to contact us!