It’s the Little Things…

When we think of Print and Marketing services, we sometimes think of the bigger things.  I mean we have to have a good logo, a nice website, and awesome print materials, right?  Yes, but the little things are important as well.  When it comes to presenting your company in a professional manner, everything counts. – from the big sign out front down to the the stamp you are using on your envelopes.

I was recently working with a local client on their business cards.  This was to be a re-print with a minor change – just update their phone number and add their web address to their cards.  No problem.  We knocked that out in no time.  However, when I was at the shop, I noticed they had a self-inking stamp that had their old phone number on it.  I suggested that we could get them a new stamp while we were working on their business card as well.

I did my research and found comparable stamps at the “Big Box Stores” but they were fairly expensive for a little stamp.  Using my resources, I was able to find a stamp that worked for the client at a lower cost than the “Big Box Stores”.  The client was quite happy with my suggestion and now they have a cohesive look throughout all of their materials.

So remember, when it comes to Marketing and Branding, make sure you have the big things covered… but don’t forget the little things.  They really go a long way in the way your clients view you.

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