Be careful what you wish for

Just this past weekend, I was talking with a long-time friend and she mentioned how ironic it was that I chose to name the company “Farmhouse Creative.” You see, I was born and raised in Alexandria, Indiana (population 5100) and lived in the middle of nowhere (or so I thought).

My friend remembers a time when I HATED living in the country and couldn’t wait until I could move to a big city and be free of small-town life. Throughout the course of my life, I was given that opportunity and have lived in both Texas and California.  Somehow, I ended up settling down back in good ol’ Indiana- AND in a town even smaller than where I started out!  And on a farm no less!  And guess what… I actually like it.  In fact, I love it.

People have asked me how I can stand to live in a place that doesn’t have a Starbucks (gasp!) or even a stop light (shocking, I know!).  To them I say: this is my style.  Laid back, family oriented, and local – just the way I like it.  Even if it means I can’t get Starbucks every day.  I can go visit Main Street Coffee Company or The Chocolate Moose.  To my knowledge, no one ever died from lack of Starbucks.

Farmhouse Creative… Big Ideas from a Small Town.  It’s funny how life comes full circle like that. Be careful what you wish for!