Guardian Home Care

Formerly A & P Quality Home Care, came to the Farmhouse looking for help with a big change.  Owner, Darryl Addison, had decided to change the name of the company to Guardian Home Care to better reflect the heart of the company.  With that name solidified, Farmhouse set to the task of creating a brand to go along with it.  We provided several concepts and we ultimately settled on the one pictured here.  The wing concept evokes the feeling that the brand is there to be your “guardian angel” in providing service to your loved one and also carry you on your journey through the process.  After finalizing the brand concept and logo, we were then able to update the existing website that Farmhouse created for A & P and update it to reflect their new name and brand. We also designed and printed their stationery items (letterhead, business cards, envelopes,etc.).   When asked for comment, owner Angie Rogers-Howell, said “The Guardian Home Care has been a great project to work on.  Once again, Farmhouse was able to do what we love – Help companies look their best in all areas of their marketing.  Darryl trusted us with his brand and I think it really paid off!”

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